can my cut/paste fingers do it again?

I don’t know, but I was thinking about how this man lost his sanity on our forum and figured that what is impressive about this blog is the quantity of his posts. Again, this is juts one more thread that existed over like, a few days. It’s just crazy babble by the end…

@Joey: These clowns ignore me????!!!! Please that the same as trying to ignore a Category 5 hurricane. You can try but it won’t work. This is what happens when you try to attack a person just because you think it’s funny, you get your ass handed to you left, right and center as JerDanBrad, the NBA Board, knock-around guy, has so deftly shown. I said from jump, I’m a hardcore Laker fan who’s used to getting attacked, so don’t waste your time cuz it won’t work on me, but did that stop JerDanBrad, no it didn’t, so don’t blame me cuz this retard thought it was funny to attack someone who warned them before-hand that it was a bad idea.

@Joey: This is his response to my post, again please tell me where I started attacking anyone:

And noone has ever fucking compared Iverson to Jordan, fuck there are so many stupid people on this board

All this is some retarded “let’s attack the new guy to defend “our” turf” thing gone way wrong this time. And now instead of owning up to it, he’s running for cover and pretending to be all innocent, when in reality, he’s not, so don’t get it twisted.

As you have been from jump, you assume things I never, thought about, or intended to say. Kobe has been there many times and knew exactly what he had to do and needed to be done. Enjoying your downtime , while keep everything in perspective is one of those things. Lebron has been to 1 Finals and acted like he had been to 10. They hadn’t faced anybody in last years’ playoffs(i.e. a broke down identity crisis Pistons team trying to fget rid of Iverson, shade of their former selves and a Hawks team that played NO DEFENSE ON LEBRON), until they played Orlando. He and the Cavs came in with a whole bunch of both hype, attitude, and nothing much else. If Lebron was all this, that, and a whole warehouse full of chips, he nor the Cavs would’nt have embarrassed themselves by getting a mudhole stomped in them by the Magic. That was my point from jump, but you obviously missed it being that your “let’s attack the new guy to defend “our” turf” agenda was more important.

I’m referring to the fact that the Cavs came into the ECF with a lot of hype, attitude and nothing much else cuz they PLAYED NO ONE in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs, but then folded like a cheap chair when they did finally played a team that played some semblance of defense…..I would call that embarrassing.

Exactly, but then the minute they played a team that “played back” they folded up and went away.

What I’m saying is their performance was way below expectations after having “breezed” through the first 2 rounds. What happened to Big Z, Mo, Varejo etc????!!!! If Lebron had it on lock to win the Finals, he’d would’ve had the team on lock with him, but he didn’t. Close or not, they were expected to dismantle the Magic, as they did the Pistons and Hawks, and they didn’t, losing the series 4-2.

I already knew they were going to lose to the Magic, based on how “easy” they had it in the first 2 rounds. I mean, even Jordan had to fight to win a few of those 6 rings he has, we’ve all seen how hard it was for Kobe, why would it suddenly be different for Lebron???!!!! Because, it’s HIS TIME……Come on now.

They did make it look easy and that’s why they got cocky, and paid for it.

So…..his daughters calling him “Mr. Grumpy” when the playoffs started, referring to his mood, or change in attitude, realizing he had to change gears and get the Lakers on the same page was……..????!!!!

As opposed to Lebron and the Cavs, ego-trippin, maxin’, and relaxin’ believing that the Magic were a joke and they had it made after having it easy in the playoffs. One knew what he had to do, changed gears and won a 4th title, the other didn’t, got cocky and didn’t get to the Finals… figure it out. You do realize you have no point here right????!!!!

No, JerDanBrad it’s called being cocky and getting sent home, that’s what it’s called. Yeah, they were so calm they forgot how to play and ultimately lost to the Magic.

Sure, and the fact that Lebron came to play and everyone else folded up like a cheap chair had absolutely NOTHING to do with it right????!!!!

If you want to believe that, fine.

says JerDanBrad, FORGETTING that the Celtics/Lakers finals were 2 years ago, and Kobe’s daughters ONLY called him “Mr Grumpy” during last year’s playoffs and Finals win. Then this clown is gonna turn around and “claim” to be a Kobe fan????!!!!

Ok…..where did you just come from and please show me any one of my posts that disrespects him, cuz I’m in the dark on this one. JerDanBrad’s posts racial stuff about black people and monkeys, no one says a word. I say something about it and suddenly I’M the bad guy????!!!! W.T.F.????!!!!
Talk about Bizarro World!!!!

@Wally: Nice dude, cherry-pick on cerain things to make me look bad, instead of taking everything I said as a whole. Wow, I’m really surprised. Didn’t see that one coming at all. Then, he’s gonna turn around and say he READ my posts. You do realize that cherry-picking on a paragraph, DOES NOT mean you read it in its entirety or context right????!!!! Furthermore, the very fact that you’re cherry-picking means that you have no intention of being objective and your intention is to make me look bad while building up your boys. Dude please you’re a “yes” man to these clowns like everyone else, quit wasting my time.

@JerDanBrad: You guys SERIOUSLY need to take the bro-mance thing somewhere else. Look at you gush all over each other like lovesick schoolgirls. Go get a room somewhere and take Zycam with you since he’s obviously gonna feel left out and will just sit there an veg all by himself, with his flashbacks of being gangraped in county that he’s ALWAYS talking about. You do realize EVERY POST of his is talking about that like it really traumatized him. Like I said take all that sh1t somewhere else. And I’m supposed to be scared of a crew of girls like you????!!!!
(Now here comes Zycam, with yet another one of his flashbacks.)

@Wally: Wow…..I’m like really scared of a guy who has to go on the internet to brag about how big his dick is. You truly don’t realize just how pathetic you look and sound right now do you????!!!! My dick is enormous cuz I have some goofy pic on Facebook????!!!!


rad cuz he’s past boring and he’s boring me to sleep.
@Wally: Biatch, please. I’m like truly scared of a guy who has to come online to brag about his dick size. Your dick is so enormous that you’re on Facebook at 3am talking about how big it is????!!!! That simply means you have nothing better to do, and obviously nobody to do it with, so quit playing with yourself, quit playing yourself and quit wasting my time.
Blah, blah,blah, blah,blah, blah, blah. The fact is you were the one who said it so quit running form your own post and quit crying like a little biatch. If your dick was so enormous as you claim,(but we all know different by now) you wouldn’t be online talking about how big it is in the first place. Like I said, you obviously have nothing better to do, and nobody to do it with. And by the way, I’m an EMT working graveyard shift, so the next time an EMT shows up to save someone you know, make sure you tell them just how pathetic they are, since they’ll really appreciate that.
Oh, don’t worry, my female co-workers are already bustin a gut over how retarded and pathetic you look coming online to brag about how big your dick is. They also said that whenever a guy does that is either because he’s not getting any or his dick is super small and he’s overcompensating.
But yet this biatch is STILL here, and STILL responding to me, for some strange reason.
Yeah, ass clown, attack EMT’s now to show just how intelligent you really are.
Yes, JerDanBrad, keep it up and show everyone just how much of a class act you really are. Then this is the same retard that’s gonna turn around and talk about showing true colors, while showing his own right now.
By the way, ass clown, Rob Van Winkle is a.k.a. Vanilla Ice, retard. Please enlighten me as to how this can be an insult. Do I look like a white wannabe rapper with a one-hit wonder album and a pompadour????!!!!
(Please say “Yes” to further prove how much of a pure retard you truly are!!!!)
(Yawns!!!!)…….at these desperate pathetic biatches, who are obviously maxed out but are too retarded to admit it, so they keep making total asses of themselves by desperately grasping at straws and coming up empty. You guys look as pathetic as Felix Trinidad did against Bernard Hopkins, or Trevor Berbick did when he got knocked out by Mike Tyson.
(cracks the whip on these pathetic biatches back): SPEAK BIATCHES!!!! COME UP WITH MORE RETARDED COMEBACKS THAT DON’T WORK!!!!
Uh…..JerDanBrad….I noticed you have no response to this, but we understand. If I had no point to begin with and I was talking out my ass, about something I obviously know nothing about, and made myself look like a total ass at the same time, I’d ignore it too.
Awww, what’s the matter, I struck an nerve on that last post didn’t I????!!!!Already given up on regaling us with more of your(Zycam) true life story adventures of your(Zycam) gay experiences in county jail, huh????!!!!
EXACTLY, retard, we ALREADY know you’re(JerDanBrad) a hypocrite. And as for reading your regurgitated, unoriginal garbage, I’d rather piss glass. You’re just mad cuz you FINALLY realized: YOU CAN’T GET TO ME!!!!
(cracks the whip on these pathetic biatches backs): SPEAK BIATCHES!!!! KEEP CRYING LIKE THE TRUE PUNK ASS BIATCHES YOU REALLY ARE!!!!ROTFLMAO!!!!
(In a very sarcastic tone) Right, JerDanBrad, sure you are, sure you are.
If that’s what you want to think to make your retarded ass feel better, fine. Retard, if you were getting to me, I wouldn’t STILL be here…..SIMPLE AS THAT!!!! But the fact that regardless of all your pathetic desperate attacks, I’M STILL HERE and there’s STILL NOTHING you can do about but live with or keep crying like the true punk ass biatch you really are.
So…..your pathetic attempt at a point here, while not really having one as usual, was supposed to be….????!!!!
says this ass clown, while STILL here and STILL responding to me for some strange and unknown reason.
says my(Rob’s)unoirginal, pathetic biatch(JerDanBrad), repeating everything I say cuz he’s too retarded, too full of sh1t and too full of himself to think of anything original. While yet, STILL here, and STILL responding to me for some strange and unknown reason.
Yeah, JerDanBrad, I can see your point. I mean since ALL of us black guys are wannabe rappers anyway, and he was just another white wannabe rapper too, right????!!!
The fact is he pulled it out his ass, cuz he had NOTHING else to say, and made himself look like the ass clown he truly is for it. And the fact that you’re still here trying to cover it up just makes all y’all retarded asses look as desperate as you appear to be.

Oh and congrats on FINALLY responding to that post. It took you 2 days to respond, and that’s the best you can do????!!!! Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your “sterling” rep as Facebook’s NBA Guru, just took a COLOSSAL hit being that you’re too retarded to tell the difference between the Celtics-Lakers Finals of ’08 and Lakers -Magic Finals of ’09. Then this ass clown is gonna turn around and with a STRAIGHT face “claim” he’s a Kobe fan.

First of all I never came up in here PRETENDING to be some great b ball guru, that was you. Second, I said CP was NEVER an MVP candidate and the ’09 playoffs proved that he was just another speedy point guard that could score. Third all y’all brokeback retards owned yourselves on the retarded Rob Van Winkle crap. AGAIN, fact is he was talking out his ass and made himself look like a retard……SIMPLE AS THAT!!!! Desparately trying to play it off now just makes y’all look like you’re totally desperate right now, so just let that one go cuz it failed.
Awwww, the truth really DOES hurt doesn’t it????!!!!
I love knowing that I’m getting under your skin(even though you keep denying it, but we ALREADY know that’s a lie!!!!) and there’s N-O-T-H-I-N-G you can do about but keep crying like the true punk ass biatches you really are!!!!

By the way Facebook only deletes racial posts like the one you just put up……I’m just sayin’.

says this ass clown, while doing EXACTLY the same thing when he runs out of retarded sh1t to say, being my(Rob’s) little parrot biatch, so your pathetic attempt at a point here was supposed to be….????!!!!

obviously STILL N-O-T doing much of it since the absolute best you(JerDanBrad) can do is STILL be my(Rob’s) parrot biatch(JerDanBrad) and repeat everything I say, so again, your(JerDanBrad) pathetic attempt at a point here was supposed to be……????!!!!
Oh, by the way, I noticed Tommy Boy’s posts have been deleted.
Don’t you(JerDanBrad and ALL the other brokeback biatches) get it by now, biatches, don’t you understand????!!!! AGAINST ME, YOU(JERDANBRAD AND ALL THE OTHER BROKEBACK BIATCHES) CAN’T, AND WON’T WIN!!!!
Awwww, Wall-E, what’s the matter????!!!! Tired of getting hit when the ABSOLUTE BEST you can come up with is Vanilla Ice????!!!!
Wall-E, please!!!! I was the one who told you about Vanilla Ice, so please stop playing yourself. The fact remains you(Wall-E) had NOTHING, then and you(Wall-E) STILL have NOTHING now, so your(Wall-E) pathetic attempt at a point was supposed to be….????!!!!
This ass clown sits here calling me dumb while he’s(Wall-E) STILL here and STILL responding to me.
Awww, widdle Wall-E, just got biatch-slapped AGAIN, so now he’s(Wall-E) gonna run off and cry like a little biatch.
Yeah biatches go run and hide in your NBA topics about me (an oxymoron if I EVER heard one!!!!) And I’ll keep ignoring them to prove that while I CAN AND WILL ignore you, you retards CAN’T AND WON’T ignore me. HAVE FUN TALKING TO YOURSELVES!!!! ROTFLMEAO!!!!

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